We support people with the following:
  • 24 Hour Short Term Accommodation – 0115
    In-home and In workers homes – participants then get a family environment, personalised support, matched to a worker &/or the family situation, allowing participants to be a part of a caring family home situation. This allows us to charge a 1 to 2 rate which is more cost-effective than a 1 to 1 rate.  Allowing for additional nights out of your plan but still getting 1:1 support for the cost of 1:2 rate.
  • Assistance with Self-Care – 0107 
    Low care & High Intensity
  • Community Social and Recreation activities – 0125
    Supporting the person in the community
  • Peer Mentoring – 0106
    Private Respite & Accommodation Services now offers Peer Mentoring for those people who have this in their plan.
  • Supported Independent Living – 0115
    SIL permanent housing staff
Please call reception on 52428952 to discuss your requirements further.