Respite Care Workers

Expectations of our respite care workers


Hours are varied, dependant on the needs of the participant &/or Carer/Family Member. Weekends and after school care is most sort after.

During weekdays is a quieter period.

Overnight stays carried out in the persons home or in your own home are sometimes a 24 hour shift but can be tailored to the participants needs and may be a specific time frame.

The Support & Workers Wage Agreement Form is to be signed.

Employsure is Private Respite & Accommodation Services Pty Ltd’s choice of HR Consultants. Ensuring workers and ourselves have the representation needed for support around all work agreements and pay rules. 


Must hold a certificate in a carer’s capacity, this can include:

  • Nursing
  • Disability
  • Certificate 3 in Aged, Disability, and Community Care

Training can be provided to carer who express interest.

All carers must undergo:

  • A National Police Check;
  • Family Members Police Check (in the instance where workers open their home to accept the person to engage with the family);
  • International Police Checks (if required);
  • A Working with Children Check;
  • NDIS Disability Worker Exclusion Scheme Check; and
  • Reference checks

In addition, in the instance that the worker chooses to have care in their home, all carers must have one respite bedroom available per client.

All carers must provide a copy of their appropriate qualifications, current first aid & car insurance policies, these files are to be held on file by Private Respite & Accommodation Services Pty Ltd.

All carers must follow Private Respite & Accommodation Services Pty Ltd’s Charter of Rights, understand and implement the practices outlined in the Staff Handbook. It is the carer’s responsibility to comprehend all documentation relating to reporting issue forms that are supplied during new staff induction.

Private Respite & Accommodation Services Pty Ltd provides all carers with appropriate insurance while working from their home. Affinity Insurance is our preferred liability, sexual abuse, professional indemnity, and malpractice insurance providers.

Mandatory Checks:

A carer’s home must undergo a Safety Suitability Check before client visitations can begin.

Fortnightly supervision will take place for workers that do Community Access or work in participants homes. This can take place in the office or in the community.

During the 6 month probation period for a new carer, our staff supervisor will visit the carer’s home on a fortnightly basis to perform checks. These checks will include:

  • That assistance is given were needed to the client;
  • Client’s goals & choices within their Care Plan are being implemented;
  • Clients/Family/Carer assessment sheet is reviewed with the carer to identify if the service be offered can be improved;
  • Signing of medication sheet; and
  • Filling out of placement records for the family carer on client stays.

After the 6 month period, these visitations will change to monthly if all outcomes are satisfactory. However, these visitations can be more frequent if required. Private Respite & Accommodation Services Pty Ltd offers a 24-hour support line for staff call – 03 5242 8952.

Private Respite & Accommodation Services Pty Ltd is an equal opportunity employer. We value all people equally.

If you have a certificate 3 in Community Care or a Certificate 4 in Disability, then want to hear from you and have you join the team.

Please see Careers Page for available positions with Private Respite & Accommodation Services Pty Ltd.


ABN: 63 618 225 200

03 5242 8952

0421 784 586

Want to be part of our passionate team of carers?

We are always interested in hearing from passionate, caring and dedicated individuals who would like to join our amazing team of carers. As well as offering the ability to work from home, in the participants home and in the community. All of our carers are provided pre-employment information & training.

We encourage Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders to apply.

To discuss becoming part of the team give us a call on 03 5242 8952 or use our contact form (link below) to send us your details.